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4 Ways to help Marlboro Schools without spending extra money Fundraising during an economic recession is difficult to say the least. Families across the country are tightening their belts and eliminating all but the most necessary expenses. Unfortunately, this does not bode well for organizations like the PTA. The Marlboro Elementary School PTA relies on the generosity of the Marlboro community to help fund its budget. It is the PTA's budget that enables students to have field trips and assemblies. While the MES/MIS PTA is currently running it's Gertrude Hawk Chocolates Fundraiser, there are many ways families in Marlboro can help the PTA WITHOUT spending any extra money. Tools for Schools at Price Chopper. This program allows MES to earn points based on dollars spent by shoppers who register their Advantedge card with the MES school ID 16518. It doesn't cost you anything because the school accumulates points on whatever you would regularly purchase. This program runs from August through February. The last day to earn points this year is February 13, 2010, so register your cards today! Target Red Card Take Charge of Education. Target will send MES a check for 1% of dollars spent by people who register their Target Red Card. MES currently has only 17 participants in this program. If you regularly shop at Target, PLEASE sign up for a Red Card and register it for MES with ID 76742. Hannaford Helps Schools. Shoppers at local Hannaford Supermarkets can place their register receipts in the box for MES. Hannaford will send the school a check in late March. For more information, call (800) 213 9040. Box Tops for Education. This is MES's most successful "free" fundraiser. By clipping Box Tops from various products, MES earns $0.10. There are collection boxes inside the main entrance to MES or you can send them in with your child who attends school at MES or MIS. The goal for this school year was to raise $500. To date, MES/MIS has earned $394 from the Box Tops program. All of these programs help your school and the PTA earn money to fund essential programs and purchase supplies. Best of all, your participation will not cost you any extra money! Please learn more about these programs listed above and encourage friends and family, even those outside of Marlboro, to help. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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