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12th suspect in Carolinas drug conspiracy case turns himself in Charles Graham. Derrick Christopher Pate. Evans Michael Pate. Jeffrey Patrick Harrington. . Jerrod Moore. Larry Williams. Martin Jerron McInnis. A. Jamego McLaughlin. Phillip Antonio Fair. Quincy Lamont. Reggie McKinnon. Source: MCSOMARLBORO COUNTY, SC (WMBF) A dozen arrests have been made in the latest federal drug conspiracy case in Marlboro County named Operation State Line. The last suspect turned himself in Sunday, May 11, officials stated.Sheriff Fred Knight, with the Marlboro County Sheriff Office announced the arrest of 11 of 12 defendants Thursday afternoon. The investigation has been ongoing since 2009 and was investigated primarily by the MCSO, FBI and McColl Police Dept.On Sunday, , the twelfth defendant in the case, turned himself in to the McColl Police Department, Lt. Jamie Seales with the MCSO confirmed. d. He is now in custody.According to a news release issued by MCSO, the 12 defendants were indicted by a Federal Grand Jury for drug conspiracy in April:The indictment charges that since in or around 1995 and continuing thereafter and up to and including the date of the indictment, that in the District of South Carolina and elsewhere, that the defendants did knowingly, intentionally and did conspire, combine and agree and had a tacit understanding with each other and others unknown to the Grand Jury, to possess with intent to distribute and did distribute cocaine and cocaine base(crack cocaine) and this totaled more than 280 grams of a mixture and substance containing cocaine base and 5 kilograms or more of a mixture and substance containing cocaine.The defendants have been taken into custody and were spread among four counties and two states.A team comprised of seven law enforcement agencies executed a search warrant on Sanders Road in Laurinburg, NC.Police say valuable evidence that will be used in the case was seized at that time.At the same time, others teams moved to other locations to arrest co defendants.Police say all defendants have prior criminal records including multiple felony drug convictions.The investigation involves incidents over a number of years that include: undercover drug buys, search warrants, robberies and various other methods of investigation."This is probably the fifth or sixth case like this we have done in the past few years. I cannot warn drug dealers enough about the consequences of drug dealing. The Federal system has mandatory sentencing guidelines that are driven by these defendants prior records. This group has sold and distributed a lot of drugs over the years in this county and across the state line into North Carolina. I hope this sends a message, again, about selling drugs in this area.

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