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24 riders rescued from Six Flags roller coaster in MD UPPER MARLBORO, MD (RNN) All 24 people who are stuck on the Six Flags America's Joker's Jinx roller coaster in Maryland have been rescued, according to Prince George's County, MD's fire chief. ET, with the riders stuck approximately 45 feet off the ground. ET, 14 riders had been rescued off the ride and safely off the ground, according to WUSA. ?Initial reports indicated that the riders were sitting upright near the top of the roller coaster. After being rescued, some riders complained of dehydration, back pain and cramps, according to the Associated Press.Six Flags said in a statement stoppages can occur because the ride has a "sophisticated, computerized safety system." But they are unsure what caused the stoppage.An investigation is pending and the ride will remain closed.This isn't the first Six Flags ride that's gotten stuck this summer. On July 7, 30 people were stuck on The Ninja at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA. Riders were stuck for a few hours at a 90 degree angle before amusement park crews could clear tree branches off the rides' track.

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